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About Responsive Web Design

Desktop to Hand-Held all with ONE Website

With new mobile devices constantly emerging, many websites quickly become obsolete because they are unable to keep up with the ever-changing dimensions of mobile devices. With the use of Responsive Web Design, your web content will be viewable to your clientele no matter which kind of device they choose to access it. In doing so, we create a website that is sustainable with the dynamic nature of the web.

On the Rise

One phrase that best describes today's population is "on-the-go". They want everything, and they want access to it now. By going responsive, consumers will be able to check out what you do, find your phone number, or even make a purchase from a mobile shopping cart.


By having a responsive website, your content will be future-proofed and sustainable. Cranium21 uses a highly-tested framework to develop your website which ensures that your content will be accessible on almost all desktop and mobile devices.

"Good-Bye" Content Management Headaches

With the rise of smart phone and tablet use, many companies have found it necessary to develop an app or a mobile website in order to carry their message to the mobile front. Managing multiple websites and applications can be cumbersome because it requires you to manage multiple sets of content. However, with responsive web design, your website will pull from one set of content.

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